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McGill Family – Episode 5 – CBC

The McGill Family was invited (for 7$/pers) to visit CBC Montreal, on the shore of the St-Lawrence river. In the second part, you can see Michel Godbout, who hosts CBC News at Six. It’s Montreal’s evening news, bringing the top stories of interest to Montrealers weeknights at 6 p.m. on CBC Television. Michel Godbout was [...]

McGill Family Episode 4 – Culture

Elvan, Oscar, Ray, Romain and Wen share their vison of Canada. Which cultural differences they feel, what they like and dislike. The presence of the French language in Canada, seems to be a little bit disturbing for foreign visitors. Moreover, French people (maudits Français) are not working to help them. _ Dailymotion blogged video McGill [...]

McGill Family Episode 3 – St-Valentine’s Party

Last Friday, McGill organized a beer bash to celebrate St-Valentine’s day. There was a lot of pinky decorations and a lot of fun. Thanks to Marc Cerrone who share his voice for this video with its most famous success “Give me love“. Give me love, give me all that you’ve got Give me love You [...]

McGill Family Episode 2 – Do you enjoy Canada?

Following the first episode of last week, we are pleased to welcome back the McGill Family. Why do (not) you like to live/study in Canada? That’s not a one million dollars question, but just a question which ours McGill’s friends have answered.

What are the pros and cons of this beautiful country? First of all, the cold weather is the most difficult thing to survive. But, all the interviewees agree to say that Canadians are very friendly with the foreigners people.

Now, let them explain…

McGill Family Episode 2 – Do you enjoy Canada? – 6’53”

McGill Family Episode 1 – Presentation

C’est l’histoire d’une quinzaine de personnes originaires de dix pays différents. C’est l’heure de déjeuner dans l’Est du Canada, et nos héros sont en train de manger aux Jardins Sakura, un restaurant japonais en centre ville de Montréal, Québec.

Ils sont étudiant à l’université McGill, et ce déjeuner est un exercice de groupe. Pour le premier épisode, nous sommes fiers de vous présenter nos deux professeurs, Jérôme et Jon, et nos acteurs, Andie, Erica, Eun Jung, Evan, Guillaume, Heidun, Laurent, Michel, Misao, Omar, Oscar, Romain et Wen.

Ces charmantes personnes viennent de Chine, Corée, Japon, Maroc, France, Islande, Mexique, Italie et Canada.